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Aquafit Noodle and Mitts

Since it is summer and peak swim season, I am excited to write about my discovery of swim mitts. First and foremost they are a lot of fun …I imagine myself as a marine animal when I am wearing my “go faster” mitts, and with the added water resistance my mitts are not only fun, but are also a terrific tool for working out the arms! The second thing that I am over the moon about is my aquafit noodle. This noodle is so dense and buoyant that with both the noodle and mitts I can do a range of motions in the water that I could not have done before. I feel that if exercise is fun, one is more likely to do it.

I bought both of these fun water toys from WaterART Fitness International Inc. They have two locations …one in Toronto and one in New York. Since I live in Ontario I purchased mine from Toronto. I have provided links below should you be curious to check out their noodle and mitts. And, there is also a link showing a variety of exercises you can do while wearing the mitts, as well as a link with information on the healing benefits of aqua fitness.

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