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Welcome to my blog! I am a hobbyist photographer and I enjoy photographing my pets, teddy bears, natural scenery, and images taken in and around our home and rural community.

I was browsing the internet one day and found SoRetro Straps and I thought wow, I want to jazz up my camera with a custom made strap by Alicia Soret. I love the design, functionality, and quality of my new strap! These straps do double duty as purse and bag straps too, and Alicia also makes guitar straps.

I took advantage of Black Friday sales and bought myself my first full frame camera - the Nikon D750 with tilting screen. I have a Cotton Carrier hand strap which enhances the comfort and safety of holding onto my camera, and I use a Gary Fong Half Cloud diffuser on my external flash which really helps soften the light. I am looking forward to having a photographing good time!

Nikon D750

Cotton Carrier Hand Strap

Gary Fong Half Cloud Diffu...

A photo of my sweetie pie, Chloe, taken March 29, 2017.

Big news! I am getting a Shih Tzu pup, and her name will be Chloe!

As I patiently wait for my pup to be born, I am having fun researching products and buying stuff in preparation for her arrival! I have learned during my research that there is an impressive selection of companies making non-toxic and organic dog and baby toys which is great!

You can see the treasures I get for Chloe on her pages on my website!



We have had the pleasure of showing a few of our cats over the years, but none where as successful as our Ragdoll, Ryder!

We showed Ryder in Canada and the US in The Canadian Cat Association, The Cat Fanciers' Association, and The International Cat Association. His achievements were:

2006-2007 show year:
CFA Grand Premier
CCA Master Grand Premier
CCA Regional Winner
TICA Champion Alter
Ragdoll Fanciers Club International 4th place Alt...

As I was surfing the net one day I came across a website called Fluffy Tails, which with wonderful photos and anecdotes by Carla, featured the lives of two cat sisters called Iris & Fern. This engaging website was my inspiration for Tracy’s Pet Photos.

So I had a creative vision, a camera, a scanner, and photo editing and effects programs but no training or skill in web design. Next I started searching for books and found The Non-Desig...

Do you love to spoil your kitties ...then check out David's creations at Cloud 9 Cat Trees where you will find a selection of attractive cat trees that are well made and built to last.


Over the holiday season many families decorate their homes with a beautiful Christmas tree, and some choose an artificial tree to avoid the mess of falling needles and perhaps they feel it is a greener option.

I did some research and learned that Christmas tree farms are good for the environment as they provide a habitat for birds and small animals, they improve the air we breathe as the trees give off oxygen, all while providing...

In this day and age, unlike yesteryear, photos are a very common thing, but this makes them no less valuable. A picture taken today may be a wonderful family memento decades from now. A distant ancestor, a favourite place, a treasured pet.

I came across a saying ...I don't remember where or when ...but I wrote it down as it touched my heart:

Aspiration - To transform a single moment into an invaluable, time-transcending work of art.


Our fur kids love their water fountain and I love it too ...it's attractive, sounds lovely, the pump is very quiet and best of all it is easy to clean!

This is a great gift for spoiled kitties as it will encourage them to drink more water which is good for their health!

This is one of many beautiful designs made by Keith Davitt at Thirsty Cat Fountains.


Summer 2011 we had a family of red squirrels living in our backyard and they would come to our back deck every day to eat some bird seed.

Pictured here are a couple of the adorable babies.

I love all pedigree and non-pedigree cats but one breed is closest to my heart …the Siberian.

This is Prekrasne Primal Enchantment, aka Bogie who is a brown spotted tabby Siberian. Siberians are a natural breed that evolved in the Russian outdoors over the last few centuries and while they are being bred now they remain one of the newer recognized breeds in the cat fancy. Siberians gained championship status August 1992 in the Internatio...

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