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My Christmas Tree

Over the holiday season many families decorate their homes with a beautiful Christmas tree, and some choose an artificial tree to avoid the mess of falling needles and perhaps they feel it is a greener option. I did some research and learned that Christmas tree farms are good for the environment as they provide a habitat for birds and small animals, they improve the air we breathe as the trees give off oxygen, all while providing beauty to admire. In addition, real trees are biodegradable, unlike artificial trees that are discarded for new and improved models.

Another advantage is that many people enjoy a rural lifestyle and these labour intensive tree farms provide stable employment in the farm sector. Despite any pros and cons and as beautiful as a well-made artificial tree can be, I will always prefer a live tree as I grew up enjoying their wonderful aroma which has become an integral part of Christmas tradition for me.

Christmas tree farm
Our tree from Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm

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