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The Artistry of Photography

Siberian cat
Our Siberian cat Galahad

In this day and age, unlike yesteryear, photos are a very common thing, but this makes them no less valuable. A picture taken today may be a wonderful family memento decades from now. A distant ancestor, a favourite place, a treasured pet. I came across a saying ...I don't remember where or when ...but I wrote it down as it touched my heart: Aspiration - To transform a single moment into an invaluable, time-transcending work of art. This is what I strive for when I pick up my camera ...but capturing a photo such as this doesn't happen often. When it does, I am so pleased that of the hobbies I enjoy, photography is among them. This is the way I feel about this photo of my beloved Siberian boy, Galahad.

Gathering and arranging props is part of the creative fun of photography, and sometimes those same props make for great decor around the home. I purchased the burlap basket stuffer at Life in my Pj's on Etsy.

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