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As I was surfing the net one day I came across a website called Fluffy Tails, which with wonderful photos and anecdotes by Carla, featured the lives of two cat sisters called Iris & Fern. This engaging website was my inspiration for Tracy’s Pet Photos. So I had a creative vision, a camera, a scanner, and photo editing and effects programs but no training or skill in web design. Next I started searching for books and found The Non-Designer's Web Book by Robin Williams and John Tollett. I couldn’t have found a better book as it was geared towards beginners, was attractively presented and fun to read …I read it from cover to cover.

Next I needed to learn a web design program or I needed a webmaster. Then through my love of the Ragdoll cat I found Brianne DeFoe who had a hobby at-home business called Webs by Bri, and a creative collaboration was born.

I love the design that Bri did for me as it reflected my tastes so well and Tracy’s Pet Photos was published in 2007. Working with Bri through the years was a pleasure which I will remember with great fondness!

In 2013 I got the idea to find a professional web designer to do a splash page for my website and I found Kitty at Ink to Art. Kitty was fun to work with and I love the design she did for me!

Having the desire to become my own webmaster someday I took a Dreamweaver course here and an html course there but becoming proficient in using a web design program seemed to require a steep learning curve, and then I discovered Wix.

I love Wix! I was able to quickly create a website for myself starting with their template for photographers and by viewing Wix sample websites I gained all the inspiration I needed to customize my design. Their online website builder is easy and intuitive to use and if I had a question I Googled and always found the answer.

I am thankful for all the positive influences that have contributed to my website over the years!

Welcome to the new 2015 Tracy’s Pet Photos!

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